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Subprime mortgage crisis – Who Actually Planned It

3 September, 2009


The above link gives a good account of what the subject is all about.

Thus for me, it is hard to believe that it has happened in the US.

Being a country having so much strength in almost every aspect of good nation building such thing could not be happening there.

The Americans are known to be the cream of the modern world development where almost all modern inventions and great ideas were born there and yet it is now facing such an economic humility that is difficult to hide or camouflage.

I believe many do not believe that such thing can happen in the USA. where many learned financial intellectuals are always there to monitor the US economy so as not to be trapped into such a shameful state.

I am sure every American does not want such crisis to happen and yet it has happened.

So what actually made it happened and due to what motive it has to happen.

Is it due to the ex president not being able to detect what was about to happen or was he being duped to let it happen?

It not only will cause great hardship to the US but the world  over. And who actually are responsible for this happening and why? Who is actually behind it.

Who is actually behind this economic Catastrophe? Myself coming from a developing country just could not believe that this is happening in an advance country like the USA. Where do they put their intellectual faculty and reasoning to allow this to happen and end up being stunned by such a downfall.


Perhaps someone out there can reveal the secret behind this crisis happening.

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