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Finally Truth Will Prevail Sooner Or Later

31 July, 2008

Why should they stop the investigation? This is their desperate attempt to ensure that Anwar is denied the opportunity to be the next PM of Malaysia.
Anwar must be stopped at all cost otherwise all of those involved in the allegation will be put on trial. Those who have committed the act of corruption would also face the same music.

These people knew it all along what it is all about and they want to go on with it. Success or bust. However truth is surfacing bit by bit and finally the whole of Malaysia and the world will see the truth and also the downfall of the National Front government.

Balasubramaniam’s first SD was very strong and that had those involved in the case were very shaken and shivering in their pants. Certainly that could not be allowed to remain as strong evidence for the case. It has to be nullified thus we saw Bala’s 2nd SD. Then suddenly Bala went missing till today. Wonder how much was he paid for coming up with his 2nd SD?

Then a few days back we saw a medical report from the doctor who had examined Saiful. The doctor found no trace of wear and tear in Saiful’s anus. He was not seen traumatized nor was he in bad sate of health. So the doctor had ruled out any such claim of assault or sodomy. Isn’t this medical report (below) proof enough?

It only shows how very desperate these people are!! Let the public judge for themselves.

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