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Crazy Petrol Price Hike

5 June, 2008

So it’s time to suffer and endure the hardship of price hike of other items as a result of the rise in petrol price of more than 41%.

This is the highest petrol hike in Malaysian history for what reasons only the Malaysian government knows. What agenda they have in mind be it for the “rakyat” or for the selected few in the political arena is left to be seen.

For now, time will be very hard for the have-nots especially the kampong folks. Other things are definitely going to be expensive as a result of the petrol hike. For all you know it is going to be out of control if things are not going to be handled expertly and tactfully by the government.

The people are certainly going to be dissatisfied with whatever the government is going to do from now on. They see a lot of trouble coming ahead. Cost of living is going to rocket sky high which I think will trigger off crime rate as most lower income group would find ways and mean by hook or by crook to make ends meet.

Social problems would rise. Drug addicts would go for more drastic means to obtain their supply which would also be more expensive from now on to mention a few. With things becoming more expensive, people will resort to whatever means to make ends meet.

School going children can no longer buy the amount of food like before especially in the rural areas. Parents have to work harder to earn more money to feed their children – doing business off office hours legal or illegal whatever it takes whether they like it or not.

The 41% hike of petrol price is just too much at one go. I wonder what the government is thinking – is it for themselves the BN politicians or for the rakyat? Most would see it is not for the rakyat when the government cannot really explain clearly and logically for the petrol hike.

This time the government action is totally inconsiderate and I think many would agree with me. Most of us cannot see the justification of the petrol price hike of such magnitude. What is actually Pak Lah’s agenda? Can anybody please enhance us?

There is also this news that the petrol price would be RM4.00 by August. This is also another blunder that the government is making. The BN is slowly seeking to be oust in the next coming election at the rate things are going. Does BN have the real thinking people around. What is becoming of the country?

When other oil producing countries still have their petrol price within reasonable acceptance of their citizens’ mind, what is the true rationale of the BN government to raise the petrol price to such a mark that would greatly burden the people? Would this be seen as the starting of the end of BN in the making?

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