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Just When Other Airlines Are About To Go For Halal Airlines, MAS Is Still Serving Liqour In Flight

3 December, 2007

Halal Happenings New Report Calls For Exclusive Halal Airline

November 2007 – The World Travel Market Global Trend Reports 2007, issued a report, this month, calling for airlines to target Muslim consumers who are interested in observing �religious tourism�. According to Fiona Jeffery, chairperson of World Travel Market, this could entail creating �halal� airlines that serve only halal food, do not serve alcohol on board, have Korans in the front seat pocket, offer the calls to prayer, screen religious programming on the inflight entertainment system, and separate seating for men and women. The report forecasts the number of inbound tourists to the Middle East to grow by 66 percent by 2011.

Just as the Vatican set up its own budget airline to transport pilgrims to holy sites in 2007, there is potential for the development of a Halal airline to develop into one of the most resilient forms of tourism, the report stated.

Tourism revenue in the Middle East is expected to grow by 108 percent to almost US$51 billion and domestic tourism by 82 percent to reach US$24 billion in 2011.


The above happening should put MAS to shame and disgrace.

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