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The Real Hustle – Waitress Card Cloning

6 November, 2007

This video shows how easily your AutoMated Teller Machine magnetic stripe card could be cloned and as a result you could be losing your money without you realizing it.

A security conscious person would ask his/her magnetic stripe be disabled if he/she does not want to lose any money from his/her account unnecessarily. But if the ATM card does not have a chip then cloning is most vulnerable.
By disabling the magnetic stripe cloning is not possible on a card having a chip.
If your card has both a chip and a magnetic stripe and you decide not to disable your magnetic stripe then ensure that the ATM from where you want to withdraw your cash reads the chip first instead of the magnetic stripe. ATM machine that reads your magnetic stripe first cannot stop your card from being cloned if the cloning gadget is placed discretely on the ATM machine. So find find out from your bank how does the bank’s ATM machine reads the card. Other than such ATM machine, utilizing your magnetic stripe card in other places is certainly not safe from being cloned.

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