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Musa was ‘framed by his own men’

2 August, 2007

NST Online » Frontpage

By : Alang Bendahara and Lee Shi-Ian




The nation’s top cop said yesterday he was framed by his own men, resulting in him being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Agency.

“The allegations against me were a frame-up by other policemen, and I am now issuing the warning to all policemen not to abuse their powers,” said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan.

He said he was happy with the professional manner in which the ACA carried out their investigations before clearing him of any wrongdoing last Friday.

“I was never afraid as I was confident of my innocence and gave the ACA my full co-operation during the course of the probe.”

However, he expressed concerns as the probe had shown that he was being framed by certain parties within the police force.
“I do not know who these officers are but I am sure the ACA will conduct a thorough investigation on the false report lodged by the complainant against me,” he said.

Earlier, during a press conference on narcotics seizures that were made last week, Musa had warned policemen not to abuse their powers or frame innocent people, saying they would be brought to justice.

“The reason I said policemen must be transparent is due to the findings of the probe. Those who abuse their authority will be hauled up by the police disciplinary committee.

“If anyone is found to have framed someone or misused their authority, I will not hesitate to take action against them,” he said.

On Friday, Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail ordered the ACA to close their investigations into allegations that Musa had received RM2 million in bribes to release three men who had been detained under the Emergency Ordinance, saying there was no evidence to implicate him.

Gani had said the probe, which began on June 18, had been wrapped up after ACA officers questioned witnesses, including the people alleged to have paid the RM2 million, and checked Musa’s financial records.

On the ongoing ACA probe into allegations of corruption against a senior Federal police officer, Musa said the officer had partly declared his assets and wealth during the last check.

“When I took over as the IGP, I made it compulsory for all policemen to declare their assets and wealth every six months.

“If they buy or sell their property, it is a must for them to update their records and declare it,” he said.

On the subject of policemen holding positions in private companies while still serving on the force, he said it was unacceptable.

“It would be a conflict of interest if any of our men hold posts in private companies and it would be an offence subject to disciplinary action.”

On a related matter, Musa said he had instructed the Bukit Aman public relations office to send a letter to Bernama regarding a report it had published on Friday.

“The report quoting me as saying that I had advised the senior police officer to give full co-operation to the ACA probe was false as I had never said that to Bernama nor any other media that day.”

He said the Bernama journalist responsible for the story would be asked to explain how the news could have been reported that way.


This is not Tun Mahathir’s comments but mine.

I think no good cops would frame up a good top cop.

It takes only the bad cops to frame up their bad top cop.

The story about Musa Hassan being framed by his men would just wither away. If it’s for real then he has to prove it fast.

What say you?

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