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Traffic Summonses Issued To Educate The Public?

24 June, 2007

Just a moment ago coming back from my regular jogging stint, my friend was telling me that he was being summoned by DBKL for parking his car at the back lane of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman one morning. It was not wrong for being served a traffic offence summon if the offence was committed on purpose.


What he was not happy about was that it was on a public holiday (1st May 2007) and there were practically no vehicles at the back lane. Also he had thought that it was on public holiday no such summon would be issued. He was not blocking any traffic and there were no lorries to be seen doing any unloading of goods that morning.


To his surprise when he came back from a book shop, he used to patronize regularly, he saw a summon slip slapped on his car’s windscreen. So he waited if he could appeal to the DBKL enforcement officer and to reason out with him to withdraw the summon. When the enforcement officer came around he pointed out to him and gave his reasons for the appeal. However his appeal was turned down by the DBKL enforcement officer on the ground that his superior would question him and also that he is being paid extra allowance for working on public holidays.


So my friend agued with him that DBKL is all the time looking for extra income even on public holidays giving little tolerance to good reasoning and circumstances of the issue. To his (my friend’s) reasoning the summon was not very justified as it was on a public holiday and he was not at all blocking any traffic. He was having the idea that there would be no summon issue on public holidays. But unfortunately the enforcement officer could not listen to reasons. They are as good as robots without any feeling and good logical reasoning to be used wisely.


There is no denying that my friend had committed the traffic offence for parking at a non-parking area that day. However he was also having the impression that on public holidays DBKL is also closed for work and no unloading of goods from lorries was seen that day.


What he derived from the incident:-

  1. Those summonses issued are not really to educate the public but rather for the sole purpose of making extra income for DBKL. For his offence and his argument over the issue could not be tolerated at all.
  2. The DBKL enforcement officer lacked the reasoning power and the technique of giving good advice and tolerance.
  3. DBKL is all out to make easy money looking out eagerly on any traffic offence irrespective of the seriousness of the offence.


Similarly it happened to me once when one late morning (Sep 2006) I had to park my car along the Jalan Sentul (in front of formerly the Komart) for a while to buy something from a DIY shop nearby. What I do not understand was that day summonses were issued selectively. Not all cars parked along the same road were summoned even though the yellow line stretches right through the said road.

For display only

Summonses are not issued daily even though on a daily basis cars are all the time being parked along the road. The road is only busy during peak hours and is wide enough for traffic to flow during off peak hours with cars parked along the road. And yet vehicles parked along the same road during peak period were not summoned but instead cars parked off peak period and do not cause any blocking to traffic flow are slapped summons. Certainly this way, like my friend had mentioned, summons issued by DBKL do not serve to educate the public but more for earning extra income.



2 Comments leave one →
  1. tuff cookie permalink
    24 June, 2007 1:13 pm

    jalan TAR tuh mmg area sensitive..
    dbkl keje memanjang..

  2. aja49 permalink*
    24 June, 2007 5:20 pm

    Keje untuk tambah duit DBKL dan mencekek darah dan bukan untuk mendidik.

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