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Are They Really MPs

19 May, 2007

Sexist MPsSexist MPs

We’re sorry, gush MPs in eye of ‘leaking’ storm


I used to have high regards for MPs in the past. They are the people’s representatives in the parliament. Their job can be considered noble in that they would bring up issues that affect the people and at the least bring it to the attention of the house or better still if it could be resolved.


But what happened lately where two of BN’s MPs had to mention some very unbecoming remarks to the opposite gender MP which had caused an uproar amongst ladies all over the country.


We would not have known such incident if we were not being brought to the parliament through the electronic media broadcasting either live or pre-recorded session.


There were a few sessions before this where there was some form of commotion amongst all the Mps. I could see there was no control by the speaker over the MPs in the hall. As it was the first time seeing such a commotion happening in the parliament, I just could not help imagining that they can actually behave in such an unruly manner as they being members of parliament. All these while I had a notion that they are the best of people chosen and elected to lead the “rakyat” and they would exercise their utmost to display exemplary conduct and control their tempers at the most critical moment especially when they know they are on the air. But this did not happen. And I wonder if this has been the norm in the parliament discussing sensitive and controversial issues.


I am sure many of us of late begin to realize that there exists such unruly behaviour among those we have elected to be our representatives. We believe that they would behave in more civilized manner in tackling issues for the “rakyat” and that there would not be any uncontrolled shouting across the hall.


I, myself, felt very shocked that the MPs would shout names and swear words without having any regard for each other’s dignity as parliamentarians when certain hot and controversial issues are being discussed and debated. Just too bad only now that the people begin to realize that their elected representatives are no less ill mannered and disrespectful like some uneducated beings amongst the masses. They are supposed to be our leaders and should show exemplary behaviour when discussing issues that affect the people. We believe that they should exercise their professionalism to the highest of their ability to uphold good humanitarian conduct when dealing with national issues. They should have respect for each other be it their own colleagues or their opposition counterparts.


I wonder what was the motive of the two BN Mps to pass such disrespectful remarks towards the opposition lady MP. I feel at least it was meant to make the MP a laughing stock that would get herself indirectly associated to the issue being discussed. What better way to shame a person using similar metaphorical remarks to downgrade a person’s dignity not without any purpose and intent. I believe those two BN MPs have been the most outspoken but that did not give them the liberty to pass such an unbecoming remark so as to make the lady MP a subject of laughing matter over the issue being discussed. They did not show true professionalism as MPs especially coming from a ruling party. They believe that being in the ruling party gives them the authority to say whatever they please even to the extent of almost damaging one’s dignity. I suppose by doing so they would champion the cause for the ruling party. But in the end it was rather too late to realize that they had mentioned something that they do not wish to hear if the same remarks would have come from the opposition.


The fact that they eventually had to offer their apology publicly reflected their silly mistake is passing the unbecoming remark without really thinking of the consequences when passing it at the beginning.


However I do not see any sign of remorsefulness when the apology was offered. Do you? Should this type of MPs be re-elected in future?

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  1. 20 May, 2007 9:23 pm

    ehe. every time Buletin Utama tunjuk the MPs debating @ Dewan Rakyat, rasa nak gelak. Very funny. Memang takde issue lain.

    Too bad Dato’ Shahir Samad resigned as BBC Chairman. If not, ada gaks issue worth watching and reading.

  2. aja49 permalink*
    21 May, 2007 1:49 am

    Yes just too bad that he had resigned.
    Some people are more concerned than others.
    Unlike the two MPs, Dato Sharir knows what he is talking about.

  3. tough CoOkie permalink
    27 May, 2007 12:30 am

    ehe..berkesan gaks BBC kan..
    sib baik kat mesia takde bertumbuk or baling kosi cam kat negara lain…

    that will make it more interesting..ehe

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